Mission & Vision

Vision: Effortless mobility for everyone

Mission: The TOMP working group aims to develop and sustain an internationally governed interoperable open standard for technical communication between Transport Operators and MaaS Providers, by means of definition, improvement, alignment and dissemination.

About the TOMP-API

The TOMP-WG (Transport Operator, MaaS Provider – Working Group) is an collaborative initiative to create a standardized language for the technical communication between Transport Operators and MaaS Providers within the MaaS ecosystem by means of an API (Applicable Programming Interface). The standard language describes how the different stakeholders should communicate with each other.

The TOMP-API is being developed by an open source working group with public and private stakeholders, aimed at facilitating the implementation of MaaS and the corresponding exchange of data. The TOMP-API describes a full MaaS journey, including operator information, planning, booking, support, payments and trip execution.

Working teams

The TOMP-API is being developed & sustained by the main Working Group and four working teams which handle specific day to day tasks within the TOMP-API ecosystem.

These working teams are : 

  • WT 1 : Technical issues
  • WT 2 : Reference implementations
  • WT 3 : Standardisation & Collaboration
  • WT 4 : Dissemination & Communication


Speaking the same language is key for an efficient ecosystem. For MaaS to be successful, transport operators have to share their transport services, and availability of their assets, in a digital form. The TOMP-API is the standardised technical interface between MaaS-providers and Transport Operators.

Transport Operators

In the context of the TOMP-API, a Transport Operator is an organisation that facilitates either the transportation of people (public transport, shared cars, bikes, scooters, etc), or providing subsidiary assets or services within the MaaS ecosystem (like on-street or off-street parking facilities). The TOMP-API provides a streamlined and efficient opportunity to engage and inter-operate through a wide range of extra sales channels (the MaaS Providers), while always staying in control of your assets and services. Through the adoption and implementation of the TOMP-API you are not enforced to deliver assets to unknown MaaS providers.

MaaS Providers

A MaaS Provider allows end users to travel from A to B using a singular instance of an asset or service, or mix thereof, provided by a Transport Operators. As a MaaS Provider you need to be able to communicate with all Transport Operators in order to provide the best journey experience to your customers. As more and more Transport Operators adhere to the TOMP-API, the opportunity for MaaS Providers grows to be able to provide more possibilities for your customer travel by their prefered means.

Use of the TOMP-API opens up a world of available Transport Operators within a minimum of technical overhead!


As a city you need to keep the overview of the mobility movements in your city that are made by Transport Operators. The CDS-M API allow City Planners and their data partners to easily gather data from all the operators in your environment in a uniform and standardised way.

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