Press release – TOMP-API Dragonfly, version 1.0.0 release 30 September 2020

The TOMP working group, a collaboration between MaaS providers, transport operators, governments and other mobility related organizations, officially released the Dragonfly version of the TOMP-API. The first full implementations of the TOMP-API took place in the last couple of months which allowed the TOMP working group to improve the API based on the feedback and lessons learned.
Only minor changes have been added to this Dragonfly version and the working group is now confident that the API will be stable for a longer time. Which means that future updates of the API will be compatible with this Dragonfly version. With almost two years of open development the TOMP-API is now capable of describing a full MaaS-journey, including operator information, planning, booking and payment.

About TOMP
The TOMP-WG (Transport Operator, MaaS Provider – Working Group) is an initiative which has as main goal to create a standardized language for the technical communication between Transport Operators and MaaS Providers in a MaaS ecosystem by means of an API (Applicable Programming Interface). The language describes how the different stakeholders should communicate with each other. The TOMP-API is being developed by an open working group with public and private stakeholders, aimed at facilitating the implementation of MaaS and corresponding exchange of data. The TOMP-API describes a full MaaS journey, including planning, booking, payments and trip execution.

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